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iFood - Future of Food Conference | 5th IFOOD

The IFood - Innovation Food Conference is an unique opportunity to share with you market knowledge and technological expertise.

We cordially invite you to attend the 5th iFood - Innovation Food Conference.

During the last years, the IFood – Innovation Food Conference has become a highly regarded networking event for food technologists, manufacturers and retailers. In the weeks and months to come we will be sharing the speakers and networking opportunities we have lined up for this year’s conference at our website. Priorities: Sustainability – New concepts for food, Digitalism – Blockchain and artificial intelligence, Innovation – Increase of knowledge transfers, New Foods – Trends in the global food system.

Sustainability – New concepts for food
Sustainability in its ecological, social and economic dimensions has become the major driver of innovations and is a strong selling point for food products. Issues such as ethics, animal welfare, resource efficiency, food authenticity and consumers’ health shape the public debate about food production and consumptions...
Digitalisation – Blockchain and artificial intelligence
The progressing digitalization has some major implications for the food chain. On the one hand, it opens new (online) channels of distribution. One the other hand, big data solutions provide companies with a strong mean of analyzing markets and to improve own processes in different ways...
Innovation – Increase of knowledge transfers
Nutritional habits are subjects in constant change. How can the producers of food products make the right decisions to design their product portfolio and change their manufacturing processes in the confusion of short-lived trends?..
newfoodNew Foods
New Foods – Trends in the global food system
The changing global food markets place new challenges towards all stakeholders along the food value chain. New food trends are leading to the further growth in the demand for alternatives to animal protein sources. In addition to the high demands in terms of product quality, sustainability, process control and logistics, there is also a great importance: What is reaching the consumers?..