Innovation Schemes

Harnessing the Knowledge Triangle

Innovation, education, research: structured outreach schemes support the integration of knowledge and increase the innovation capacity in geographical areas and regions. Clearly defined objectives shared in a network of partner organizations help to organize strategic activities and result in concrete outcomes. By stimulating an excellent partnership between leading higher education institutions, research organizations and businesses as well as regional policy makers and public entities, innovation schemes enhance regional innovation capacities and amplify their impact. New insights and emerging good practices can be transferred successfully to a multitude of environments. At the iFood Conference 2017, our speakers will share with you their knowledge on the basic principles of innovation schemes as well as their experience in successfully creating them. Furthermore, you will learn how your organization can participate and benefit in this emerging model of collaboration.

Challenging Global Value Chains

The changing global food markets place new challenges towards all stakeholders along the food value chain. Higher requirements towards logistics, process control and product quality are challenging the status quo of food production, brand management and distribution. What are the causes and the consequences of these changes? What are promising strategies to prevent or reduce sales-oriented conflicts along food value chains? And which measurements are suitable to ensure affordable manufacturing and distribution costs as well as the availability of high quality foods for the end consumer at the same time? These questions will be answered by our speakers at the iFood Conference 2017.


Production, Consumption, Distribution

The progressing digitalization has some major implications for the food chain. On the one hand, it opens new (online) channels of distribution. One the other hand, big data solutions provide companies with a strong mean of analyzing markets and to improve own processes in different ways. During the iFood Conference 2017, our speakers will shed on the status quo of the digitalization development and provide you with latest insights on economic implications, business opportunities and big data innovations.


Approaches Towards Sustainability in Food

Sustainability in its ecological, social and economic dimensions has become the major driver of innovations and is a strong selling point for food products. Issues such as ethics, animal welfare, resource efficiency, food authenticity and consumers’ health shape the public debate about food production and consumptions. Sustainability has become an instrument which is used by different market players and interest groups to position and interpret issues in a favorable way. At the iFood Conference 2017, the topic of sustainability is approached pragmatically. Our speakers dip into this broad topic from different perspectives. Thereby, they will provide you with expert-insights from economic, technological and marketing viewpoints.


9th October 2017

from 10.00 - 17.00 at the Anuga Cologne - Messe Nord building